Practical Tips to Comply With Clendenin Case

Dear Friends,

As I stated yesterday, the Colorado Court of Appeals announced its decision in the case of People v. Clendenin, a case handled by attorney Robert Corry. The case dealt a serious blow to patient’s rights and it is much more difficult for a primary caregiver to avoid prosecution. The case can be read at:

How To Observe MMJ Laws

Accordingly, it is critical to view the MMJ laws as conservatively as possible. As I tell my clients, caregiving means more than cultivating and/or providing MMJ to your patient and the Court of Appeals has made my opinion the law for MMJ in Colorado. Also, you must only cultivate and provide MMJ to patients who designate you as their primary caregiver.

Court of Appeals Ruling

As I predicted, the Court of Appeals has ruled that caregiving requires a personal relationship with the patient and providing MMJ is only one small part of managing the patient’s well-being. In order to receive any protection a caregiver must (1) have a personal relationship with the patient; (2) be assigned the right to cultivate and provide MMJ by and on behalf of the patient; and (3) MMJ must only be a small part of your caregiving service.

Next Steps for Caregivers

Accordingly, all caregivers should immediately align themselves with other services including, but not limited to, housekeeping, home-delivery, handyman, meal delivery, lawn maintenance and other such services to offer your clients as part of your caregiving business. I suggest you immediately write/email each of your patients and offer such services (and any others you think of). Document that you offer such services and keep a copy of any responses from your clients.

Actively encourage your clients to accept such additional services, so that you can demonstrate, if needed, that you are a caregiving service, with MMJ being only one part of that business. Be creative and be safe.