Helping you comply with Colorado’s Cannabis Laws

Welcome to Gard Law Firm

We are dedicated to helping Colorado businesses and citizens comply with Colorado’s cannabis laws.

We enjoy a reputation for providing excellent legal work at reasonable rates and are fortunate to claim that our work comes by “word of mouth.” As one of the first cannabis law firms in the country and a national leader in cannabis legalization, Gard Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients understand and comply with the complex cannabis laws and are prepared to vigorously defend you in the event you are charged with a crime. We represent numerous cannabis businesses and work with state and local governments to help change Colorado cannabis regulations for the better.

Be warned that cannabis laws are confusing, complicated and often silent on key issues. If you have any questions, we are here to help. Please call us at 303-499-3040 or email at to discuss what we can do to help you!


Norma & Leslie P. Testimonial 1

"Having been in court with Jeff, we can tell you that it is very reassuring to have the best lawyer in the room sitting next to you. My wife once called Jeff “her knight in shining armor” and I wholeheartedly agree."
~ Norma & Leslie P. ~

Babak B. Testimonial 2

"Jeff Gard is a very professional lawyer. He is single handedly responsible for giving me the proper advice on all of my Cannabis businesses and have saved my businesses and me from making mistakes several times. I’m a pharmacist and come from a highly regulated industry and cannabis industry is all about compliance, he is one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyers that I know."
~ Babak B. ~

Sean - Testimonial 3

"Jeff Gard is an absolute genius in the court room. He will not disappoint. Honesty and integrity go hand and with Mr Gard. He said what he meant and meant what he said. He never once made me feel like I was just another one of many clients. Always returned my calls /emails promptly. We won the case but had we lost I would still be writing this positive review. I never had any doubt from the first time we met that he was the right choice. If I ever needed an attorney again I would not hesitate for even a second to hire Mr Gard again. What a class act."
~ Sean. ~

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Legal Compliance

Be warned that the laws are confusing, complicated and often silent on key issues. If you have any questions, I suggest speaking with a qualified attorney to help you understand and comply with Colorado cannabis law. Cannabis, medical or recreational remains illegal under federal law. Anyone who exercises their Colorado cannabis rights must do so knowing that they are violating federal law and at their own risk. We do not condone or sanction such violations of federal law and our advice is intended only to inform Colorado citizens about Colorado cannabis laws.