Boulder Regulations Inevitable

Last night the Boulder City Council moved forward with plans to roll out extensive medical marijuana business regulations by the end of March.

A second reading of the proposed regulations is scheduled for 3/16. At this point, it appears the regulations, in their current form, are inevitable.

What Does This Mean?

Accordingly, it is time for all City of Boulder medical marijuana businesses to get moving toward compliance with the regulations.

Among other things, dispensaries and growing operations can’t operate within 500 feet of schools or day-care providers, or in areas that already have three or more dispensaries.

The regulations would create a licensing system for medical marijuana businesses. The city is proposing licensing fees of $6,000 for the first year, with a $2,000 annual renewal fee.

Security Requirements

The rules also would set security requirements, require owners to submit business plans and plans for being a good neighbor, prohibit on-site consumption of medical marijuana and require businesses to keep detailed patient records. Also being considered is restricting the amount of marijuana a business can have based on the number of patients it serves.

Getting Compliant

Once the regulations are enacted, Gard & Bond is glad to assist you with ensuring that you are in compliance before any deadline is reached and will be associating with other professionals (architects, security professionals, etc.) to help you. This process is likely to be complicated and we don’t want any businesses to suffer for lack of detailed preparation (like those poor folks in Denver!).

Please call us to schedule a meeting to review and prepare the necessary paperwork. Also, stay on top of all medical marijuana laws and changes on our homepage, which contains an up-to-the-minute Google newsfeed. Stay legal.

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