Boulder Limits Business, Protects Primary Caregivers

At the end of a long night, the Boulder City Council decided to adopt interim regulations for medical marijuana businesses, rather than impose a moratorium.

Among other things, new MMJ businesses must have their permit application pending by 11/6 and be open for business by 12/1. There is a small window of opportunity to establish a new MMJ business. Your new MMJ business cannot be located within 500 ft. of an existing MMJ business, 1000 ft. of a school and cannot be located in a residential zoning area.

Of particular note is the fact that Boulder City Council exempted primary caregivers and patients from the definition of a MMJ business. As such, primary caregivers are not subject to the interim regulation. Be cautious! This may have been an oversight, as the BCC may not understand that, at least with respect to my clients, all such “businesses” are primary caregiver businesses. I suggest you lay low and be a good neighbor – not a test case!

Good work to all of the people who fought the good fight into the wee hours last night.